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Process of Guilt started their existence in early 2002 having their foundations firmly based in doom and dark music.
In late 2006, after self-releasing the «Portraits of Regret» and «Demising Grace» demos, the four musicians gave a stronger and more concise production to their own brand of doom leading to the release of the debut album, «Renounce».

Paving the ground for the release of their second full-length «Erosion» in late 2008, Process of Guilt unleashed three limited releases on the masses: a split 10” with british master of mystery Caïna, a remastered version of «Demising Grace» on pro-CDr and tape versions of the debut album and the demos.

In 2009,«Erosion» progressed even further from the post-doom sound crafted on their much lauded debut. With this release, the four musicians kept spreading their creative wings, breaking down genre boundaries and solidifying their very own personality. All this complemented with a considerable list of impressive and devastating performances while sharing the stage with acts as diverse as Goldflesh, Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Intronaut, Minsk, A Storm Of Light, Katatonia, Napalm Death or Rotten Sound.

In early 2011, closing the process started with «Erosion», «The Circle» presented five reinterpretations of the last song on the highly acclaimed sophomore album and opened the door for the composition process of the decisive third album. Bringing together the creative minds of Sanford Parker, Echoes Of Yul, DJ Mofo, Bosque and Sons Of Bronson, this experiment offered a deconstructive circle through an erosive world of calm versus chaos, (re)mastered by well known James Plotkin.


released April 12, 2013

Mixed by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio Studios, NY, USA.
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago, USA.
Drums recorded at MDL Estúdios engineered by André Tavares.
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at 5a Dimensão engineered by João Bacelar and Fernando Mendes.

Music by Process of Guilt.
Lyrics by Hugo Santos.

Images by Pedro Almeida.
Artwork and design by Miguel Gomes and Hugo Santos.

Co-released with Bleak Recordings, Division Records, Chaosphere Recordings, Raging Planet, Amplificasom and Nooirax Producciones on 12th, April of 2013.



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Track Name: Harvest
To bleed the sun and burn the rye to keep the seed and stomp the land to drain the soil and fill it with ashes to blur the sky and deny the sun to wait for rain and cleanse the guilt to burn the seed and drain the soil to wait for rain and cleanse the guilt to drown the seed and flood the land blind harvest (here) nothing grows.