by A Thousand Words

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A Thousand Words is a Hardcore band from the south of Portugal.

After some line-up changes and a demo in 2009, the band did several shows in Portugal opening for such hardcore acts like: Shai Hulud, Anchor, Miles Away, H2O, No Turning Back, For the Glory and Devil in Me just to name a few, the band also did a weekend tour with Rise & Fall, some weekends in Spain and an European tour in 2010 to promote their demo and in 2012 to promote their EP.

Influenced by bands like Damnation A.D., Oathbreaker and Rise & Fall, they recorded their recent EP in 2012 titled "Sinners". Now, more mature, they're writing new songs for a new record, expected to sound even more intense.

Keeping a DIY work ethic the band managed to achieve recognition for breaking boundaries while innovating and expanding their views in the hardcore scene, that made of them one of the most promising Portuguese hardcore bands.


released September 13, 2012

Sinners was recorded and mixed in the last weekend of March, 2012 by Carlos Rocha at Eyeball Studio in Loulé, Portugal.
Mastered by Ludgero Urbano.

All music and lyrics by A Thousand Words
Guitars, bass and drums by Patrick Kaijer, Jonathan Morley and Ludgero Urbano.
Vocals by Diogo Major.
Additional vocals on "Sinners" by Renato Cabral.

Artwork by Rui Gaiola.

Released on 13th, September of 2012.



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Track Name: Blind
Prayers and slaves, claiming for their caves
Beasts and swarms, coming from the storms
Running over razors, stumbling over crowds
Carrying around the weight of the world
Wrecking bounds… they're wrecking bounds
Digging their own hole, but fighting to keep them
Building a strong crust, trying to keep them whole

Forgetting and forgiving,
Regretting, misgiving
Selling their souls for gold
To live in blindfolds
Track Name: Sinners
I hear them calling for me
Carrying the weight of these daggers on my back
Will I outrun sinners' eyes?
When will this chase ever end?

All alone against the defeated
Fought them before but I crashed and burned
I'm caught between sinners' lies
No one will give me rest

Hell's buried on my chest
Always pursued by sin
Feeling so weak to win
Always tempted to sin
This war I won't win
Track Name: Cursed
Got a aim traced on this aimlessly road
Nowhere to go, no where to hide
Above in the sky, everything is grey as my eyes
I can only be cursed, everyday my mind's getting worse
Feeling guilty, trying to carry the world
I'm giving up, my life is doomed

I know I am cursed
My mind's getting worse
I know I am, I am cursed
Track Name: Crosses
All I ever felt was only pain
There's no river that can take me home
And I know that I'm getting closer to an end

As my face lays firmly in this ground
There's no strength to lift this dead weight

And I've sold my soul, I've sold my soul, I've sold...
And I tried so hard when I stood there waiting for the sun

I am a stranger in this land
But we all know there's no place like home
I don't care what we wrote in stone

These worthless words were set in gold

Hold me, comfort me