Complacent Complacency

by Revengeance

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Revengeance is a five piece power-violence locomotive.

Taking it's first steps in 2011, and already with three releases under their belts, Revengeance took the punk scene by storm with its unique blend of 80´s hardcore, proto-grindcore and all the cult 90´s power-violence bands, and adding a sprinkle of "fuck off" attitude. In just one year they managed to play all the key Portuguese festivals and support slots for some overseas acts.

Expect angry female/male vocals, fast drumming and loud guitars. The band is in its essence a tribute to power-violence. Give it a try or fuck off.


released December 15, 2012

Guitars and drums recorded at G-73 in August, 2011.
Vocals and bass recorded at the Labyrinth in November, 2011.
Produced, mixed and mastered by João Galrito.

All tracks & lyrics written by Revengeance except the track "Controller" written by Void.

Layout by Deris and André Gonçalves.

Co-released with Degradagem on 15th, December of 2012.



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Ruins Records Portugal

Rest In Power.
2011 - 2015

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Track Name: The Model Citizen
Ten hours of work
And still can't sleep
Days go on
They don't end
You get a job
You become the job
You're in hell
And gonna stay in hell
There is no escape!

Just like the scum
Just like the cunts
Just like the filth
Just like the shit
Track Name: Drunken Dialects
Here is a man who as lost it all
Through bloodstained calendars
The weeks pass like trains
Nowhere they lead this lost child
Speaking in a drunk dialect
Intolerant is the orgy
The hangman plays the healer (the killer)

Track Name: Inaugurate The Warfare
Technological homogenization
In our modern society
We're kept artificially alive
Falling out of balance
Civilized violence
War as a way of living
Becoming a game
No ability to see beyond

Acting as a part of animosity
Cutting through the vein of self-sufficiency

Onwards to self-destruction
Inaugurate the warfare

Track Name: (R)helix
Centrifugal forces pull you down
Attraction for the abysm

Swirls, swirls
Get up, get up

Fight it
Track Name: Lex Talionis
I am a mirror to this society
You're only driven by banality
Kept your life spitting on me
If it was a crime
You wouldn't be free

Everything that you give me
I'll give back, times three
Track Name: Nihilistic Circus Parade
What the fuck happened to our generation?
Littered with white trash looking trust fund idiots
Obsessed with being the coolest of them all
Self-possessed in depreciating ironic remarks

Main concern comes down to looking like a hobo
And being deemed hip by their graphic designer peers
While their rich parents pay for their shitty apartments
Brag about how poor they are and party like they're worth millions

Nihilistic circus parade
Come out don't be afraid

Are you the solution?
Or the problem?
Track Name: Bloodshot Vision
Memories are here to stay

Can't forget the past
Can't erase it
I know what you did
I didn't forget their faces

Eyes full of hate

So many waged wars
Nuclear consequences
Families torn apart
Children crying
Track Name: Army Of None
Break the cuffs that hold you thight
See it as it is, free your mind
From useless crap that won't help
Being a trend?
I'd rather kill myself

I don't want to be the same
This generation drives me insane
You have a long way to go
Gone through your life being so low
I'm an army of one
Slave for no fuckin' one

I'm insubordinate!
Track Name: Jockcore Mentality
I'm mad as a ball and sick of them all
Build your attitude cause you're beat up at school
This isn't about money or fighting each other
Fuck your attitude!

If you're so tough, deal with problems by yourself
Don't wipe your own shit with your fucking crew
How low can you go?
Boiling point is all you know
Fuck your attitude!

Get your shit together cause you sound like 50 cent
And fuck where you are from, no one cares
Track Name: A Screwdriver In The Ass Of Capitalist Hardcore
Fuck this trendy hardcore
Your scene is a dying whore
No interest in your purity
Toughness, or the unity
Where is the anger?
Won't find it in your wallet
Where are the ethics?
Just crush them with a mallet

I'll do it myself till I drop dead
Bunch of rich spoiled kids who don't compromise
Who is the bastard?
I want to be all you despise
Cross me out of your fucking scene

Just do it wrong
Don't want to belong
I'll wave the black flag
Even in my body bag
Track Name: Pictorial Representation Of Faith
It's not god who kills the children
Not fate that butchers all of them
Destiny that feeds them to the dogs
It's us, it is only us
No meaning saved from what we choose to impose
This rudderless world is not shaped
The cold suffocating dark goes on
We're alone
Forever we're alone

Live our lives
Born from oblivion
Bear children
Hell bound
No pattern
Existence is random
Going to oblivion

It is only us (them)